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How to brew Coffee the right way (Beginners Guide)

How to brew Coffee the right way (Beginners Guide)

Pour Over Coffee Brewing


There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing a coffee-making method, Including quantity, economy, and convenience such as Aeropress, Drip Machine, French Press and Moka Pot. But Pour Over stands out because it’s easy, requires no expensive equipment and the clean-up is so easy.


Let’s get brewing!





  1. Make sure all the equipment is clean and it is highly recommended to heat it up if possible.
  2. Measure the coffee amount you going to use, ideally 12-14g of Ground Coffee Powder.
  3. Place the Ground Coffee Powder inside the filter after placing it on to the mug.
  4. Saturate the dry grounds completely with 20-40ml of hot water right off the boil in the first 10 seconds, the coffee will degas or bloom, when it’s fresh - the coffee bed should rise up and bubble a bit. Give the coffee a stir with a spoon.
  5. Pour another 100ml of hot water in, the spiral motion helps give you an even extraction and keeps everything integrated. Slowly bring the water level to the top of an even extraction.
  6. Remove the filter and enjoy your cup of coffee.


Results: the Pourover yields a dark, thick liquid with a rich and strong aroma coffee.


Simple as that!


Try it out today, Happy (pour-over) brewing, y’all.