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Coffee Beans Characteristics


You have probably seen different types of characteristics of coffee on packaging and promotional materials. But what are these types of characteristics of coffee?

While there are two main types of coffee beans, there can be different configurations of coffee characteristics based on the blend (percentage of Arabica bean Vs. Robusta beans in a blend), the type of coffee roasts (light, medium, and dark) and the origin of the beans.

So what exactly are these coffee characteristics about?

Acidity is a tasting note in coffee that refers to the sharpness or pleasing brightness in coffee. It is through the acidity of coffee that delivers what is mostly identified as the fruity and flora flavours in the drink. The acidity of the drink can be intense, mild or even smooth.

This is the sense of weight or heaviness that coffee brings in your mouth. It is distinguished by the viscosity or thickness of the coffee and the consistency that it leaves in the mouth. Some common descriptors of coffee can be thin, grainy, syrupy, buttery or oily.

It may not be common knowledge but coffee beans are actually the beans inside coffee cherry fruits. Hence these coffee beans also contain sugars that undergo changes during roasting. These sugars help offset the bitterness with sweetness. Sharper, nearly burnt bitterness are often associated with darker roasts

Aroma is basically the fragrance of coffee but what is tricky about aroma is that it is usually affected by many other factors. Many senses come into play together and directly affect the taste of coffee because of the aroma. The aroma of coffee can be fruity, nutty, smoky, complex or floral.