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Why Capsule Coffee is so Popular – the Pros and Cons of Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules have become exceeding popular in recent years

Coffee capsules have become exceeding popular in recent years – with a wide variety of flavours easily and conveniently attainable at home through a single capsule, regular coffee drinkers can enjoy a consistent high-quality brew with just the push of the button.

Yet, capsule coffee remains arguably controversial – for coffee connoisseurs and hardcore baristas, they may be seen as a cheapening of the art of making coffee; for environmentalists, each one-time-use plastic pod may seem unsustainable and wasteful.

So, is capsule coffee worth it or not? For those struggling to balance its pros and cons, fret not, because we’re about to delve into that in this article.


  1. Simple and Efficient

The greatest advantage of capsule coffee is that they are a big time-saver. To enjoy a high-quality cuppa, you don’t have to grind your beans, worry about the water quantity, or even measure your coffee. Better yet, you can prepare your coffee in the matter of 1 to 2 minutes.

With a capsule machine, you simply ensure that your machine contains sufficient water, add the coffee capsule into the chute, and press the brew button to produce a quick fix for your coffee cravings.

For those who are short on time, you can quickly and conveniently prepare a consistent, delicious cup of coffee, allowing you to spend your time on other more important activities.

  1. Wide Variety of High-quality Brews

Did you know that different coffee drinks require different temperatures to brew, as well as different coffee quantities? For those that enjoy a variety of coffee beverages from an espresso, to a cappuccino, it may be tough to nail down the specifics of each drink recipe. It may be even tougher to achieve a consistent-tasting beverage each time.

Coffee capsules can solve this problem! You will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of beverages offered in different capsules, without the burden learning the details of each drink recipe and spending time to test-run them.

  1. Compact and Easy-To-Use Machines

Typically, capsule machines are smaller and more compact in size as compared to full-kit machines. For those who are tight on space, coffee capsules and their specialized machines are the way to go!

Capsule machines are easy to use and maintain – all you have to do is ensure that the water tank in the machine is filled, before adding your choice of capsule to the chute. With lesser compartments, the machine is easier to clean as well, only requiring cleaning with a damp cloth.


  1. Not Environmentally Friendly

Coffee capsules can be problematic for the environment when thrown away. Despite efforts to encourage recycling, hundreds of millions of capsule pods are being thrown away globally. In the UK, over 300 million capsules are used, but up to 95% of them go straight to the landfill.

On the bright side, many brands have begun using Aluminum capsules for its environmental benefits. 75% of aluminum every produced is still in use today because of its durability, and its ability to be reprocessed over and over again. Take our new PITTISIMA Aluminum capsule for example – these new generation aluminum espresso capsules not only ensure optimal freshness and reduced packaging, but also provide the unique advantage of being infinitely recyclable.

Aluminum capsules for its environmental benefits
  1. Pods are not universally-sized

Different pods from different brands may possess different sizes; as such, your favourite pods may be incompatible with your capsule machine. Thus, it is recommended for all to be careful and do your research before buying your capsules coffee machine because systems vary across brands and may only work with a specific-sized capsule. On the flipside, if you already have a capsule machine, it is important to ensure that the pods you purchase are compatible with your machine.

compatible with most standard model Nespresso machines.

If you are still searching for the right capsules, we recommend our PITTISSIMA range of coffee capsules, which is compatible with most standard model Nespresso machines.