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Founded in Singapore in 2012, Pitti Caffe Asia is the Asian representative of renowned international coffee brand, Pitti Caffè from Italy, Milan.

Founder, Anthony Ku, first developed an interest in coffee when he was a graduate student in the USA, choosing to submit a dissertation on the international coffee trade. Following a family holiday trip to Italy, where he had first-hand experience of the taste of authentic, fragrant Italian coffee, his passion in the coffee trade was further ignited. He left his successful career in the hospitality industry and took a leap of faith to pursue this interest, Pitti Caffe Asia was brewed up as a conduit to import the rich Italian coffee culture he had experienced, to Singapore.

We have served over 500 companies from small offices to large corporations with varying needs and requirements since started. 

As our brand grew, we realised the need to cater to non-coffee drinkers and people with caffeine sensitivity as well. To that, we have gradually expanded our brand to cater to the casual coffee drinker, hot-chocolate lover, and even the matcha fanatic. From our Nespresso-friendly capsule tea pods to our premium mix of hot chocolate or matcha from our newly-introduced veloci line, we have a wide range of top-quality products to appeal to each individual’s taste buds.

At the heart of our brand, we simply hope to revolutionize the way customers prepare drinks. We want to help you to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea, no matter the level of skill they possess, and believe in allowing you to personalize your own beverage experience, wherever you may be. To us, Pitti Caffe is not just about coffee; it is a genuine experience that combines both perfection and pleasure.

Our Values
At Pitti Caffe Asia, we only deliver the best. We pride ourselves in adopting the Italian approach to coffee – like the Italians, we place emphasis on quality control, machine design and consumables to reflect the authentic Italian coffee culture.

We dedicate ourselves to our ‘customer first’ philosophy in providing excellent service and support to our customers. When ordering from us, we take the time to fully understand your needs, so we can recommend the best-suited deal for you.

Our Products
We are a brand that caters to both offices and homes, with products ranging from our accredited professional coffee machines and award-winning coffee beans, to compact capsule machines, Nespresso-compatible drink pods, and premium instant mixes.

Going forward, we will continue to identify customers’ needs and lifestyle changes, deliver greater convenience, and to expand and enhance our portfolios, with the aims of ensuring that our products remain high quality and in line with the needs and desires of customers.